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Our Approach

First, we start with simple postural and movement assessments to determine what major feature of your posture, which, if corrected, could have the greatest positive downstream effect on your mind and body. These 8 to 10 corrective sessions usually involve both manual myofascial release techniques like structural integration, and primary movement techniques like pilates, resistance training, and suspension exercise. 

What is more important than the individual tools and techniques used in these corrective sessions is how they are used together to bring the body into an easier physical relationship with itself and with the always present forces of gravity and ground reaction. These “easy” relationships allow for the most efficient distribution of these forces. In turn, this creates fewer concentrations of stress in the body and leads to less physical and emotional pain.  Next, as your practice continues and your skills improve, we will continue to “clean-up” any remaining or new areas of pain, strain, and discomfort in your body. 

By adding appropriate instability, longer levers, and heavier loads to the movements you've already practiced, your sessions will evolve into an increasingly challenging workout. The results of this will be greater precision and detail in your movements, leading to increased range of motion in the joints, more strength, more stamina, increased flexibility and mobility in the soft tissues, and all the other known benefits of regular exercise.

During this time, our emphasis is on learning and practicing the correct physical technique with natural ease and fluidity while we explore and understand that the quality of our emotions determines the quality of our lives and the quality of our bodies determines the quality of our emotions.

It takes incredible physical and emotional energy to have an incredible life. We are working to understand and actualize that your mind and body are not merely “connected" but are, in fact, one, with no difference, no separation, and no distance between them. Your physical body is the best tool you have to improve your emotions, and your emotions have the greatest effect on your body. Becoming consciously aware of this relationship and developing the skills required to intentionally influence one with the other in the most efficient and effective ways possible lie at the heart of our approach and are what we believe to be the foundation of a life filled with joy.

Finally, with your body, well-integrated and a greater understanding that the results in your body are created by both physical and emotional habits, we will repeatedly practice this, not until you get it right but until you cannot get it wrong. With this, your new physical and emotional awareness becomes your new physical and emotional habit. 

These maintenance sessions are typically done in a small semi-private format with other clients, all of whom are experienced enough to work with some autonomy. This arrangement frees your instructor to continue each client’s individual session in a semi-private environment. There are no generalized group classes where you may be slowed down by someone who is too inexperienced for the session or where you could be pushed ahead into exercises that may be inappropriate or ineffective for you. The result of our approach is better, longer lasting physical and emotional results in a faster, safer, and more effective way.   

your best self.

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